Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beat Making Software DUB Turbo - Is It The Best?

If you haven't heard of DUBTurbo beat making software already then it's time you got educated on why this software is breaking new ground where beat making software is concerned. It doesn't really matter too much what kind of beats you like making. Rap beats, hip hop beats, dance, reggae, whatever, DUBTurbo does an awesome job of creating any style of beat. Let me give you a few reasons why DUBTurbo differs from other beat making software.

You can try it for 60 days risk free. If for any reason you don't like it just ask for a refund. You can download it instantly and use it right away. There's no waiting around for it to turn up in the post or difficulty fighting through shopping crowds only to find out it's damaged and has to be returned. It's extremely easy to use even for somebody that has never dabbled with beat making software before and it comes loaded with 2,500+ created samples. If you find you need more beats or samples then you can buy lots more or even import and use your own.

You can export your finished beats to 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM.wav format. In layman's terms this is the same quality of sound that goes on to CD's or into studios. You can then convert these into proper mp3 format if you want to. The thing is with some online beat makers that allow you to export your sounds as mp3 is that a lot of these online beat makers samples are already in mp3 format which means the original sound has been compressed and therefore the quality reduced. When you export your finished beat the mp3 sounds you have mixed together are then all compressed again so by the time you actually get your beat downloaded the sound quality is nowhere near as good.

The DUBTurbo website and members area:

There are various free training videos available to watch in case you were to get stumped at any point and lots of FAQ's. You can also buy extra sounds and beats here. The price. For a limited time DUBTurbo is being sold for a $10 discount which means you get all this for only $34.95.

Anybody that has already bought this so far is also entitled to 20 years of free upgrades which is great because with version 1.5 being released soon if the price goes up you won't have to pay anything more and this goes for any further updates for at least 20 years. So is DUBTurbo the best beat making software? Why not give it a try today and see for yourself exactly why DUB turbo is the only beat making software you will should ever need.

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