Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Make Your Own Rap Beats Just As Good As the Professionals

I'm sure by now you have heard about of producers making professional quality beats from production software that can be downloaded on to your computer easily. A lot of the beats you hear hot rappers on today were made in this exact same way. You can produce a platinum radio single (the beat anyway) using very inexpensive beat making software that comes with support and detailed video and manual instruction.

You want to do your beat using one of these beat creation programs because they are fully stocked with pro quality drums, effects, keyboards and sounds that the main stream producers use to sell beats for thousands(sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Grab one of these programs and find a few sounds that you like.

Start with a cool instrument sound, like a piano or a cello, for the beginning melody. This will be used as the main melody of the track. Creating the main melody of the song first, before you add drums or base is the easiest way to start because this is the melody that will carry the beat. Then put in some drum patterns to build the beat around this melody. At this point I would find some effects that can be put with the main melody. Select some that sound really cool but really subliminal so that people will discover new sounds in the beat the more times they hear it.

Also try just listening to your favorite beat a bunch of times each time writing how many instruments you hear and how the placement of the instruments are in relation to one another. Also notice the difference in instrumentation between the chorus, the verses and the bridge as sounds will switch in and out on each of those parts.

Good luck and I hope this will at least inspire you to understand that you can and you will become a professional in no time! If you are new to making beats I would recommend that you don't spend thousands on hardware. Its all about software nowadays DubTurbo is what I use. Its very effective, and low in cost. And it has 1000's of sounds. Click here to see it for yourself or read my complete DubTurbo Review.

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