Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rap Beat Tips

If you are going to make a rap beat then you seriously need some schoolin on the matter. Just a few rap beat tips to help you figure out what your plan and goals need to be.

Step one:

Your software is the most important part. You need to figure out what software you are gonna use to help you make the best beats possible. This has it’s own section that you can check later so we wont get into it here. Discover which beat making tools you need, and what’s not necessary and dont waste your money when you first start up. At the same subject make sure your microphone is up to par and not bad studio quality.

Step Two:

You gotta get it together, learn that software, figure out how to structure your beats. Basically make a blueprint for how to lay your beats out. Don’t lay the same tracks every time but if you get a system then you cd’s will flow together instead of every song being something different it will be like something you can play all the way through. Ever notice how some artists use the same tone and beat, like when Eminem raps it all sounds the same. That’s because Dre figured out a good beat for him and stuck to it. Learn some music theory basically. This way you can learn from others mistakes and don't waste your time.

Step Three:

Find good artists to work with for your hooks and samples, unless you are just making beats in which case definitely find musicians that you can take live samples from. This makes your music fresh, and not just some electronic samples. People like different.

If you get caught with rap beat writer’s block here’s some places you can go to buy rap beats and sounds in the order that we like them the best. If you don't find what you are looking for at one, go to the next, never settle unless you feel good about it. More will be added once they are reviewed.

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