Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Make Rap Beats - Rap Beat Making Software Tips

If you want to learn how I make rap beats, then read this. You will learn rap beat making software tips. A lot has been written about all different kinds of computers. If you are going to make beats the type of computer that you are going to use is very important. There are some minimum requirements that your computer will need in order for your beats to work.

In our discussion today, we will discuss these requirements. Some necessary components that are needed on the computer are a processor, some ram, an operating system, a sound card, monitor, speakers, keyboard and a mouse. At a minimum this is what is necessary. Let's take a look at the processors. There are two good ones that you will find come equipped on most computers. One is the Intel processor and the other one is the AMD processor. From the size standpoint you want it to be at least 1 GHz with at least 512 MB of ram.

Every computer must have an operating system in order for you to make any beats. There are two main operating systems that we are interested in. One is the Windows operating system, which should now be at least Microsoft's XP system. You could also use Microsoft's Vista. You can also use the system that comes on a MAC.

There is a term that is important for you to know when you are purchasing a computer. The term refers to the period between the time a sound is played and then when it is heard through the speaker. There is a pause or a delay time. This delay time is known as latency. The importance of the computer is that if you have slower computer, it will cause the beat to be off. The best way to do this is to make sure that purchase a computer with a faster processor a good sound card and a decent amount of ram.

The average household computer comes with most of the requirements mentioned above. So you more than likely won't have to go and buy a whole new computer. You just may have to clear space out for your cool new beat making software.

Also, if you are new to producing let me save you some time and money- I recommend that you try DubTurbo before you try anything else. I say that only because its just $39.95, and comes pre-loaded with 2,500 sounds. You can get familiar with the whole beat-making game before just jumping in and spending $500+. You can download it instantly. The value is incredible. Fruity Loops and Reason are about 4 times that much and do the same thing DubTurbo does. I packed all my physical studio gear and now only use DubTurbo.

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